One project shipped
Ten projects shipped
Fifty projects shipped

App development

  • Proficient at Swift - Competent at Objective-C
    UIKit (iOS, iPadOS and tvOS), AppKit, Core Data, CloudKit, MapKit, Auto Layout, SwiftUI, Metal, Swift Package Manager, CocoaPods
  • Competent at C++
    Direct3D, Direct2D, XInput, PhysX, Unreal Engine
  • Competent at C#
    Unity, Oculus SDK


  • Expert at PHP
    In-house frameworks, Laravel, Lumen, CodeIgniter, PHPUnit, PHPStan, Composer, Xdebug, Swoole
  • Competent at Node.js
    Express, PhantomJS
  • Competent at Swift
    Vapor, Swift Package Manager
  • Competent at Python


  • Proficient at JavaScript
    ES2015, ES5, React, Vue, TypeScript, Babel, Axios, jQuery, Zepto, Canvas, Three.js
  • Expert at HTML
  • Expert at CSS
    SASS, Flexbox, Grid, Tailwind


  • Expert at Web design - Proficient at UI design
    Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD
  • Proficient at Branding
    Sketch, Adobe Illustrator
  • Competent at Video editing
    Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Competent at Print design
    Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator
  • Competent at 3D design
    Cinema 4D, Maya, 3ds Max


  • Expert at LAMP/LEMP
    Ubuntu, CentOS, NGINX, Caddy, Apache, PHP FPM, Laravel Octane, Postfix, Let's Encrypt, Supervisor, Redis, Memcached, Capistrano
  • Expert at Git
    Tower, Command line, Github, Git-Flow, Github Actions
  • Competent at Google Cloud
    App Engine, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage
  • Competent at Docker


FW4 2014 - Now Partner · Studio Director

  • Development, maintenance and documentation of feature-rich in-house frameworks and content management systems
  • Management of development and design teams
  • Technical analysis of projects of various scale
  • Administration of highly scalable production environments
  • Set-up and monitoring of digital advertising campaigns
  • Development, maintenance, documentation and education of REST API's
  • Development of mobile applications and interactive experiences
  • Release and maintenance of various open-source packages

Freelance 2010 - 2014 Designer · Developer

  • Design and full-stack development of websites and web-based applications
  • UI design for mobile platforms
  • Front-end consultancy for large development teams
  • Branding and logo design

Nocus 2010 Creative Developer

  • Full-stack development of websites and web-based applications
  • Development and maintenance of mobile applications

Zimmo 2009 - 2010 Lead Developer

  • Full-stack development of websites and web-based applications
  • Modernisation of existing codebase and development practices

Howest 2006 - 2009 Digital Arts and Entertainment

  • Game engine and gameplay development
  • Art and asset production for video games